Karia Diamonds was founded in 2023 by Dhrumil Rangani and Kyla Ruane, two friends who shared a love of jewelry and supporting non-profits.

Dhrumil is a third generation diamonder, starting with his grandfather over fifty years ago in Surat, India. Today, the Rangani family continues its legacy by growing the highest quality lab grown diamonds, the source for Karia’s jewelry.

Lab grown diamonds are sourced ethically, and also provide the best clarity and cut available in the market. Raised in Mumbai, Dhrumil saw victims of trafficking on his way to school and his mission became to help those in need which was the inspiration for Karia’s partnership with the Chaiim Foundation. Dhrumil is a graduate of Boston College.

Kyla worked in the public relations and non-profit fields for twenty years in Boston and New York City. One of her most inspiring roles was serving on the board of non-profit Doc Wayne, and helping to raise thousands of dollars for youth in need of sport-based therapy.

She continues to drive her passion for non-profit work with Karia and Chaiim’s partnership. A divorced mother of a ten year old son and eight year old daughter, Kyla was inspired to start Karia to empower women to purchase diamonds for themselves, that reflect their personality, to wear everyday, on any occasion. The heart line was inspired by her love of matching with her daughter Caroline, who the pieces are named after. Kyla is a graduate of Bentley University.

What are lab grown diamonds?

Natural diamonds are created under the pressure of earth’s crust over millions of years, then they are mined, cut and polished. A Lab Grown Diamond (LGD) is placed through the same circumstances, only in a lab setting. The internal structure of these man-made diamonds are that of actual carbon atoms arranged in the same structure of diamond crystals. These engineered or cultured diamonds as they are also called, have the same optical and chemical properties as mined diamonds. Lab Grown Diamonds are also more ethical because there is no mining involved.

Discerning clients are more frequently choosing lab grown diamonds because they offer superior clarity over natural diamonds. At Karia we pride ourselves on selecting the best lab grown diamonds from our own family grown diamonds.


A plate contains 3-5 diamond seeds which are placed in diamond growth chamber.

A mixture of various gases is introduced in the chamber under a controlled environment.

Desired temperature and pressure is maintained during the entire process.

Gases stick to the seed while the diamond grows atom by atom in 3-4 weeks.

The process is being monitored through a completely automated system to obtain the hightest quality of diamonds.

A plate of rough diamond is formed that is next taken in for cutting and polishing.